Gifts that Pay You Income

Gifts That Pay You Income

This kind of giving generates extra income for yourself, your loved ones, and your heirs while providing assistance and programs that benefit the Tidewater community and beyond.

Charitable remainder trust: This gift provides income for you and your family and reduces your taxes. But even more important, this gift brings services in the community to members who need them most.

By using assets or cash to fund the trust, you receive income and an income tax credit the year in which you transfer your assets. The remaining portion of the trust, after all payments have been made, goes to the Tidewater Jewish Foundation.

Benefits to you:

  • Receive income for life for you or your heirs.
  • Receive a charitable income tax credit for the charitable portion of the trust.
  • Create your legacy of compassion with the Tidewater Jewish Foundation.

If you are considering a gift that pays you income, we recommend consulting with your financial advisor and with the Tidewater Jewish Foundation to create a gift that achieves your philanthropic goals.

Please contact Kaitlyn Oelsner, Director of Philanthropy, at 757.965.6103 or